Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introducing Sky!

Today my card showcases an adorable little Toread nymph by the name of
She is cute, precocious, and very worldly.
I have visions of her scurrying around from here to there, crossing oceans and forests, without anyone being the wiser...
They may be "mythological" , but just like the unicorns and elves, fairies and gnomes,
do we really, truly believe they never existed?
LOL!  I 'd like to think they did, and still do, in some far away corner of the world.
I may only get as far as across this country, but this card will deliver a message of exploration and excitement... well, for me , anyway.
Each and every Toread has its' own personality depending on how each person colors it!  Go crazy with your markers and see what you can do!
I had a blast using:
7 Gypsies papers
Alcohol-Based Markers
Recollections Brads
Leaf Charm, Blue Moon Beads
Cotton cloth, Dollar Store