Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn's Around the Corner!

Despite the warm temperatures we are experiencing here in Arizona, Fall really is coming!  You can see it in the shopping malls and on the houses! Now that Halloween is past, we can start looking forward to Thanksgiving and cooler weather! (I hope!)

I sat down and made this card today from the few materials I'm able to get access to. My scrap room is still in disarray, with boxes everywhere.  It will be entered in several card challenges just to get my mojo back! It's been horrible not having access to my computer and my scrappin' goodies!  Maybe I'll win something to get me back in the mood again!

The sketch is from Sassy Lil Sketch's website, and the colors fit well into PolkaDoodles' "Autumn Colors" challenge.  Note: I couldn't help flipping the sketch upside down for this challenge!
It's not fancy, but whatcha gonna do when you have one box of scraps and some adhesive?

Halloween Night

I would love to say I had a wonderful time, but I felt so bad, it was difficult to enjoy the festivities. My daughter prepared a delicious tofu meal (I'll HAVE to get the recipe) and watching the grandson run from house to house was great. But this is one Halloween that I will have to rely on pictures for the memories. Thanks, Nyquil!


Just moved into the new house, and the first day I have to myself, I'm sick!


I woke up Saturday morning feeling congested and feverish, and spent most of that day laying on the sofa and throwing in an occasional load of laundry.
Convinced myself I was feeling better yesterday (Halloween) and insisted on going to the DD's house and taking my grandson out Trick-or-Treating.  Between the cool night air, and the running around, I woke up again this morning feeling terrible!  Sinuses, Allergies, Cold, who knows....  I know I'm sitting here looking at 20-30 more boxes that need unpacking and couldn't care less.