Monday, September 17, 2012

My Crafter's Companion GDT Spot!

Having recovering from the excitement of being asked to be the
Guest Designer in September for the
I got to work putting together this tutorial!
First, let me say, I had the most adorable stamp to work with...
It's called "Winter Pastime"
and is part of the

Being a newbie at tutorials, I will try and walk you through the process for this card.
It's not difficult, and anyone can use these embossing techniques on their own projects!
First, since I LOVE to make my cards dimensional, I always stamp two copies of my image because I KNOW I'm gong to want to POP-UP a portion of the image.
(And make sure you use your GOOD Copics-compatable paper. You'll be seeing parts of both images on your finished project!)
Next, look at your image and take a moment to visualize how you will want to crop for your card. Sounds like a small thing, but you'll be glad you did once you start embossing and cutting. Also, I ALWAYS first chose my papers for color matching!
 For this card, I used My Mind's Eye, "Lost and Found Christmas".
I chose to die-cut an image shape from my Spellbinders, in this case, Lables Eight.
That being done, take the copy you are NOT using as your final project
 and color the portions you will be "popping up".  These you will want to color as carefully and detailed as you can. I do not even pretend to be a skilled Copics instructor. For that, you need to look at Jennifer Dove's!
But, I do well enough that my friends and family like my cards.

 I decided later to add more brown to the dog because I felt he looked too "spotty". You can always add more color, harder to take away or lighten.
(Obviously, another case for Jennifer!)
Next, comes the fun part... or for me, where it gets scary. Cutting out the individual parts of the image! I have some carpal tunnel issues, so fussy cutting some of the tiny details are difficult, to say the least.  I have decapitated and disfigured many an image.  Just sayin'...
See, I told you early in this tutorial that anyone can do this.
Are yo believing me now?
Another little tip is to outline your cut pieces with marker that's the same color as the edge you're coloring, or some folks just edge it all in black or brown.
This will eliminate those irritating raw, white edges you would see after
popping your pieces onto your project!
The next step is easier, as it involves coloring the portions that will be covered up by your popped-up pieces.  Keep in mind, you'll only see the edges.  I may be lazy, or just always in a rush, but I color it only as well as need be. I always use the darkest color of that part, and I only color as far INTO the image as needed.  If you are a perfectionist, you will probably want to color the entire image, including adding shading and highlights.'s too short...
Now, back to serious coloring...
The snowman will not be popped and she needs to look extra nice, so add the shadowing and color to her hat and broom.  I also colored her scarf.  Maybe that shows up in the next photo.  (Told you I was new at this!)
Oops, no, not yet!  LOL! 
But this DOES show how if you want to texture or alter your image, this is the time to do so.   Also, all of the shadowing has been added to the whole image.
Once you add the popped-up elements, it will be extremely difficult to go back and do that.
Same with the cut-out pieces. I added a little thread bow to the dog. And that's when I chose to add more brown and blend better.  He looked rather like a hyena at this stage.

Take your project image and cut to shape or size.  Your next big decision is to choose the embossed design you wish to apply to your project.
 I love the Cuttlebug, Swiss Dots when I want to replicate snow!

Again, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to add coloring or shading once you've done this.  So, double check that all is just as you like before dry embossing.

Ooooh, my favorite part is rubbing the Versamark over the entire surface!  I like the Champagne Shimmer, but have my doubts as to whether the clear would have kept my "snow" looking a bit cleaner. Done now... hehe!

 Once you've done this, sprinkled clear embossing powder over all, and heat to set with your heat gun, you will notice the colors and the raised areas popping up and becoming a lot more vibrant and obvious!
I LOVE this look!
It will also make your image curl a bit. Set aside and allow to cool.

Now, what I did, and many of you may want to include on your projects, is added SPARKLE!
I added Stampendous white embossing powder and Shaved Ice to parts of the snow banks, and melted it by using the "Fran'tage" technique.  If you're not familiar with this, it is done by sprinkling your powder and other elements on the top side of your card, and then heating from the underside.  Keep in mind, your project has been completely embossed and melted previously. It will get VERY hot very fast.
(If I were wanting to keep this card vintage, I would have skipped this step altogether)

What's left to add are your popped-up pieces!
I just use regular foam pop-dots, but with the surface now being slick,
I add a dab of good adhesive just to make sure.
You certainly don't want your card falling apart in the mail!

The only other elements I added to the image were the pom-pom for the child's hat, and a teeny-tiny black pearl for the snowman's nose.
Ta-da! See?  Easy peasy!

From here, it's all yours!
Mat, stack, and embellish away!
I like to add a surprising element to my cards, like the little broom.

Dimension and that adorable image from Crafter's Companion makes this card special!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!