Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kaiser Advent Project!

My Resolution Advent Calendar for Moxie Fab World!
Who I am... is just the beginning of who I wish to become.

I was fortunate enough to get this Kaiser product from my freind, Liz, before they were sold out this year! I have tried for several years to purchase one, and always with no luck!
I wanted to do something different than the usual Christmas project, so I decided to concentrate on the goals I had for the coming year. (I know, this is only September) But I had no idea how long it would sit untouched in the packaging before I even started it! Yea, you know what I mean! My future plans are to add numbers to the tiny little drawers to co-ordinate with a list of 20 goals I have written out for myself for 2011. Wish me luck! Each numbered drawer will hold a special treat or reward, like permission to get a new pair of jeans when I lose my first 5 lbs! A new blouse for my final 10! And some more personal goals that will have to be on my own honor system to myself! (ex: more patience with family, getting more rest, etc)

The papers were mostly from Mr Webster's Pages with the images fussy cut and layered with pop dots for a 3D appearance. The drawers were decorated with all sorts of textiles and buttons from my stash. I added the Prima flower to cover the fact that the corner of the box did not match up perfectly! Any of you who have assembled one of these knows they are not as cut and dry as they try to make it look! But well worth the effort. I added dew drops to the leaves and petals to give it a realistic feel! The entire outer frame was crackle finished. I love the final product and will enjoy it for a long time!
I was lucky enough to finish this project just in time for the "Decor to Make the Season Bright Challenge" in the Moxie Fab World ! Love the holidays!