Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Happy Anniversary card!

Ok, let's say you just found out it's a friend's anniversary...
You need to get a card in the mail...yesterday.
You have NO time to shop for one
and you want to give her something homemade and heart-felt...
I put this little card together in about 15 minutes!
I happened to have some card bases that I had run through the embosser and put aside for a
rainy day. 
A quick look through my new
"Everlasting Love"
DCWV Stack
made it super simple!
There is an entire page of sentiments in this stack to cut out, mat, and you're done!
And the foiled papers and black, white, and champagne patterns in this stack are absolutely gorgeous!
If you haven't seen it at your local JoAnn's,
check it out here!
A few little red rhinestones and a red ribbon threaded through the side of the card,
and it's done!
So it's not necessary to always spend hours on a project.
With the right papers, and a simple layout,
you can make it sweet and easy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome to the Spring Hop!

Welcome to the
Spring Fling Blog Hop!


This week, DCWV and Tombow have teamed up to spread a little bit of spring fever. Both design teams are excited to show you just what we have done with the My Sunshine and Chickadee stacks from DCWV, and some amazing adhesive products from Tombow.

If you have come here from Britt's blog,  then you're on track! If not, you should go back to the Tombow blog and start today’s leg of the hop from there!
Here's my little project:
"Spring Chickadee Mini Album"
Ring in Spring!
I used the Chickadee 6 x 12 paper stack for this album.
These papers are so bright and cheerful that they make you forget all about the
nasty winter weather!
It is perfect for those cards and layouts when the temperatures start warming up!
With a ready-made blank mini book and a single stack of DCWV papers,
this can be a fast and easy project.
The terrific assortment of Tombow adhesives makes ANY embellishment
stick fast and strong! The MONO adhesive holds absolutely anything and everything
and the new Stamp Runners are perfect for the tiny details, and you can use them as a runner!
DCWV has some amazing new co-ordinating pockets and envelopes that make
adding your own photo pocket so quick!
Don't forget to "pop-up" some of those little elements!
(Butterflies were die cut from DCWV "Collage Art" stack)
With just one little paper stack and quality adhesives,
I put this mini together in just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.
All I need to do is add some 4 x 6 photos in the pocket,
and splatter some little 2 x 2 personal photos's around on the pages!  Done!
I know I'm ready for sunshine and flowers!
Now, be sure to visit all the projects featured this week and leave a comment for your chance to win! We will be giving away both the My Sunshine and Chickadee stacks to 2 lucky readers, and one amazing package of Tombow Adhesive including NEW Stamp Runner Permanent Adhesive, NEW Stamp Runner, Dot Pattern Adhesive, MONO Multi Liquid Glue, NEW Power Tabs and MONO Glue Stick, 0.77 oz to one other lucky reader! The more you comment, the more chances you have to win!

A big Thank-you for joining us today,
and don't forget to join us again tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Times flies...

and 40 years can go by very quickly!
My 40th High School Reunion is this year
and you have no idea how hard that is to admit to!
But with the reunion, comes all of the travel plans and Facebook reuniting all of us.  There were over 900 folks in my graduating class, so you can imagine how difficult it was to keep track of everyone.
I recently had the chance to get together here in Phoenix with one of by very BEST friends who
I hadn't seen since high school!
I can't wait until the whole group gets together in June!
Watch out, Granite City, Illinois,
Class of 1973!

We were immediately transported back to when we were 17, and just as silly!
We decided to do our Tim Conway, "Dorf" impersonations and spent the weekend reliving
 all our long-ago goofy moments!
Yea, it's still funny...
The DCWV paper stack, "Sweet Blossom", matched the print in my friend's blouse perfectly!
And those nice little sparkle letters? Those I dug out from an old
"Once Upon A Time" chipboard box!
Remember, always cherish your friends!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Cloud 9!

Upon hearing the news that her second daughter is now expecting,
it was clear to see that one of my very good friends is on
Cloud 9!
She has TWO new grandbabies to greet soon! 
So exciting!
The gorgeous papers are from the new
DCWV stack,
"Baby Girl"
I love the adorable pastel hot-air balloons, plaids, chevrons, etc!
This stack has so many sweet baby patterns.
(PS...there's a Baby Boy stack, too!)
It's not easy to see in the photo, but the foam "9" is pink and sparkly thanks to
a new "Glitter Dust" from ThermoWeb!  Pretty!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DCWV March Card Sketch!

In case you missed it,
has new layout and card sketch challenges for March!
Here's my take on the card sketch!
 The paper stack I used was "Blue Citrus".
Join in and you could win some new stacks!

Monday, March 11, 2013

A peek at some new papers!

If you're looking for the perfect stack for Spring,
look no further!
has released "My Sunshine" and you are going to love it!
Polka dots, chevrons, stripes, and even bingo cards!
It was love at first sight for me!

I spotted this clever card layout recently, and HAD to replicate it!
Rather than CUTTING 3 strips of paper for the curtain,
I accordian folded it to give it more depth.

"My Sunshine" stack is now available at JoAnn's!

(Sentiment: Papertrey Ink, "Up, Up and Away" Set)

Thanks for letting me share today!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sorry for my absence!

First, my apology for this being a very long post.
I feel I need to explain to anyone who typically checks my blog on occasion as to why I have been MIA for the last month, or more...
I went through a horrendous eight week experience that I feel anyone out there on prescription drugs needs to know about.
I have been dealing with several diagnosis' over the last 25+ years.
First, it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then Connective Tissue Disorder, with that followed by Atypical Lupus.
When later tests failed to show a continued elevation in my ANA and RA's, 
various doctors began refering to my symptoms as "fibromyalgia". Now, I know there are many folks out there who are also falling in to this category and I struggle with it everyday wondering if there isn't more to all of these symptoms than most physicians care to look closely at.
That being said, I was prescribed Lyrica and took it for over 8 months.
My nerve-pain symptoms did indeed improve, but I also experienced some unfortunate side-effects.
And I know that every drug carries with it the potential for some sort of ill-effects.
But for me, without going into the details, they were more than I wanted to accept as part of my daily life. Now, I don't want anyone else on this medication to get any preconceived ideas about what they themselves might experience. One thing I learned over the last 3 months is that everyone has different experiences either while ON a drug or getting OFF of it.
I went through several weeks of what I thought was a pretty comprehensive withdrawal, cutting back on my dosage slowly. Online, the manufacturer suggests "not stopping suddenly" and suggests a "week" to cut down the dose and wean off. 
Unfortunatley, even the lengthened time didn't work for me.
A week following my final dose, I found myself having excruciating headaches unlike anything I'd ever felt before, "brain zaps", constant nausea, a disturbing vibration that went through my body from head to toe, HOT flushes that felt like my entire body was in flames, (not hot flashes, I've had those! LOL), when I could sleep, I would have terrible nightmares, and an overwhelming feeling that my body was actually dying.
Unable to eat, I went from 134 pounds to 118 in 8 weeks time.
I know. You're thinking I'm being dramatic.
No... If you google many drug withdrawals (not just Lyrica) and read the actual posts by individuals who have gone through these, you'll see many similiar stories.
My point is this - it's not just the POSSIBLE side effects while taking a drug that the doctors should be looking at.  It's also what happens if you choose to discontinue the drug and how to stop!
I have read many accounts of people who stopped suddenly and had terrible a withdrawal. And of people who had absolutely none. I also noted how many slowly tapered off over several months' time, and still had experiences similiar to mine.
I appreciate anyone's patience to have read this all the way through.
I care about all my friends, even those on the internet whom I have never personally met.
Pass this on if you know someone who may benefit from this information.
I know I wish I had gotten more information before starting Lyrica.
And if you do take it, and are not having any problems, I am so happy for you!
Today, I am getting through my pain and discomfort with minimal OTC pain medications and have started a very light exercise program. I am eating healthier and taking things slower. I feel so mentally clear and more in control of my life.
Knowledge is power.
Read everything you can get your hands on.
And, please, feel free to respond with your own thoughts on this. I would love hearing from you!