Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am excited to say I will be
for the next week or so. I have some pre-scheduled posts for my much-loved
Design Teams, but for the most part, I'm outta here...
I will be posting pictures of my trip when I return!
For this desert dweller, a week in the woods and antique shops
of Iowa seems like a dream!
Being from the Midwest, I miss the leaves on the trees, colorful birds, and mostly, the smell of fresh rain on grass!
Of course, it is a girl's-only 4 days at a lake house,
so who knows what'll happen!
Hopefully, the park rangers won't kick us out the first night! LOL!

I'll also have some exciting news when I return!
I best get some rest while I'm lounging next to a beautiful lake,
because I'm going to be extra busy starting October 1st!
Enjoy your upcoming weekend!


Stacy H-W said...

Have a fun trip!! ENJOY!! Stacy

Erika said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip!! So what's your exciting news starting October 1st? :)