Sunday, September 9, 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the "Playground"!

The greeting this week comes courtesy of
"Achmed, the Dead Terrorist"!
and courtesy of Dustin Pike's skeleton image!
(with which I took HUGE liberties!)
For those of you who don't know who Achmed is,
he is the infamous, highly "unsuccessful" terrorist puppet that
the comedian, Jeff Dunham, uses in his stage performances.
Jeff is rude and crude, and very politically incorrect,
but we find ourselves laughing in spite of ourselves.


The story goes:
Born in Iraq, Achmed grew up in a family of terrorists, and was determined to carry on his father's trade....
He was not very good at it.  LOL!
(Although he insists it's only a "flesh wound"...)

For those of you who are strong of heart and not easily offended,
check him out on the Comedy Channel!
For those of you who are offended by my card,
and have loved ones who are foreign terrorists,
I do not apologize.  
Note Achmed's stylish handcuffs, given to him by the US military!
My son is an avid Jeff Dunham fan, and is going to get a huge kick out of this card!
Again, I've gone the "adult" card route with the Doodle Dragon image,
but this only demonstrates the WIDE spectrum of cards these adorable characters
can be used for!
Seldom do I break out and just let my wierd humor come across in my cards, but...
after all, it IS for Halloween!
(Disclaimer: Not all person's named "Achmed" are terrorists)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, and I hope that,
in some odd way,
I was able to add a chuckle to your day!

Paper,  My Mind's Eye, "Spider Web"
Image, Doodle Dragon Studios
Glitters and Mica flakes, Stampendous
Black Pearls, Recollections


luvmy2k9z said...

I love this!!!! I too am a Jeff Dunham fan. I love the humor. Where did you get the mini handcuffs?

Great job on this card?


Amie said...

LOL, I love it!

Tigger a(r)t work said...

I lovethe Images from Dustin and my Hubby love the humor and the puppets from Jeff Dunham.
Thank you for this fantastic idea!!

Stacy H-W said...

AWESOME project!! Hilarious! I adore it!! Where the heck do you get mini handcuffs?!? lol You have inspired me to make something Halloweeny!! hugs, Stacy