Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's TIME!

I know I have mentioned my grandson many times on my blog,
and even posted layouts of him.
NOW, I am waiting to hear about the birth of my second grandchild,
a girl this time!
Hayden will have a new, little sister!

I am a little over the top today!

My immediate family grows bigger!  Yeah!
(I only wish my dad were still here to meet our new member.
But I know he's watching and very happy, too!)

I never imagined I would be this excited,
but the timing is terrific!
I am feeling great, have regained my weight from
my earlier illness,
and can't wait to see and help care for this new little bundle!
I will, for sure, be posting some pictures soon!
Thanks for the few of you who DO visit my  blog and read all my rantings at times!
I truly appreciate you!
Be back soon with photos of the new
baby girl!
(And hopefully she'll have a name by then!)

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