Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here's the Little Dress Tutorial!

I had several people ask about the template and steps for making the cute little dresses that I used on my banner for the DCWV/ThermoWeb Hop last week!
The pattern I found by searching the internet. I should have bookmarked it, but there are so many to chose from and you may find one you like even better!
Because two sets fit on a regular sheet of copy paper, I always print them up this way!
Next, pick your paper patterns for your outfit (this part is just like clothes-shopping!)
You can decide if you want the dress skirt to be longer or shorter. I wanted this to be a sassy little daytime number.
Cut and score...folding towards center from both ends.
Glue the pleats down and clip till they dry. 
Add your bodice and glue that to skirt...
see how easy this outfit is coming together?
Once the two pieces are secure, add your belt, ribbon, flowers, accessories...
anything goes! Express your inner designer!
For the banner, I used a pleated background. 
These would just as adorable on a scrapbook page or directly to a card front.
Well, it was fun sharing this with you, and I do hope to be back in my scrapbook room soon!
I have some medical issues that need to be attended to at this point in time, but sincerely look forward to creating again!
Happy Memorial Day,
and have a safe weekend!

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