Thursday, March 14, 2013

Times flies...

and 40 years can go by very quickly!
My 40th High School Reunion is this year
and you have no idea how hard that is to admit to!
But with the reunion, comes all of the travel plans and Facebook reuniting all of us.  There were over 900 folks in my graduating class, so you can imagine how difficult it was to keep track of everyone.
I recently had the chance to get together here in Phoenix with one of by very BEST friends who
I hadn't seen since high school!
I can't wait until the whole group gets together in June!
Watch out, Granite City, Illinois,
Class of 1973!

We were immediately transported back to when we were 17, and just as silly!
We decided to do our Tim Conway, "Dorf" impersonations and spent the weekend reliving
 all our long-ago goofy moments!
Yea, it's still funny...
The DCWV paper stack, "Sweet Blossom", matched the print in my friend's blouse perfectly!
And those nice little sparkle letters? Those I dug out from an old
"Once Upon A Time" chipboard box!
Remember, always cherish your friends!

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