Friday, October 5, 2012

DCWV goes Neon!

Today my pet project is a
It's so much fun making gifts,
but it's especially fun making gifts for those little people in our lives!
When my grandson, Hayden, comes to visit, we often take little "day trips" to various local attractions.  And having a little treat along the way really helps keep a 7 year old in check!
This was so easy to put together!
The FUN neon paper colors from the  "Neon Chic" paper stack from
will make my little guy happy,
as will the goodies inside!
Don't worry, the apple sauce is all-natural, and the juice low-sugar!
The first thing you need to so is to decide what snacks will be included.
That way, you can cut the circles the appropriate size for your containers.
Also, the size of the finished "lunch box" needs to be determined.
I wanted something large enough to hold a fruit cup and a small juice drink.
Cut a "snack holder" that is the same width as the lunch box, and deep enough for your holes and the portions that will be glued to the lunch box.
I scored 1 1/2" from edge for the portion to be glued to the BOTTOM of the box, and 2" from the other edge that will be glued to the back side. This provides a nice slope that holds your snack containers.

My outer box dimensions are 7 1/2" wide and 6" tall,  3" deep.
So, I merely cut two pieces of the Neon Chic papers 11" x 7 1/2"
and scored them both on one end at 3".
I then overlapped one end of the two pieces and glued one as the bottom of the box.
One remaining top was slit down the center the length of the handle,
and the other has two small 1 1/2" slits made for the handle to be inserted.
Be sure to round your corners BEFORE you cut out the handles!
Score 1/2" up and glue the wrong sides together to made a stable handle, and insert ends into the two small slits in top. Fold them back and cover the underside of that top with matching paper and cover tabs and will appear more finished from inside.
The top with the long slit will slip over the handle and provide the "lid".
Glue in "holder" for your snacks,
and decorate accordingly!
I used the chalkboard paper stack, "All Chalked Up" from
so that the personal message can be changed.

I hope this tutorial makes sense.
The style can go so many directions depending on the type of paper you use and the dimensions.  A briefcase, a piece of luggage...
Let your imagination run wild!
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Mandy said...

really cute. great idea for road trips.