Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Show and Tell at DoodleDragon!

With so many terrific images to pick from,
it's easy to create some fun cards for Summer!

My grandson will be resuming his swim lessons in a few weeks,
and he loves getting my Dustin Pike cards!

I'm not sure what level comes next in his class, but after dolphin,
it MAY very well be"Torpedo"! LOL!

As for me, I don't swim. Never did learn, so it's all very impressive....

I colored and cut TWO of the gator images so that I could layer one curved and have it hovering over the bottom one.  Also, the areas of his jaw and "hands" are underwater, and therefore cut off of the top image.  Much harder to see the added dimension in the photos than IRL!
I also had an excuse to use some of my little metal flipflop charms!

Also, spritzed him with "Goose Bumps" to give him the look of a toy rubber raft.
(Thanks, Jenn!)

Perhaps this photo helps....

I love his little patch and the air valve.

Have a great week,
and thanks for looking! 
Your comments always make my day!


Amie said...

clever! That totally works!!

Liz said...

he'lll love it