Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On a personal note...

I rarely post anything to this blogsite that is personal or that does not have to do with my scrapbooking/card making.

So, you know it has to be pretty important for me to do this!

I just want to tell my readers, the few that there are...  that I had gotten SO excited hearing about the new Hostess CHOCOLATE Twinkies!  Yes, it had chocolate in the name, so I HAD to try them!

Now, I grew up with Twinkies and over the past (clearing throat...) 50 years, I have had them plain, deep-fried, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, raspberries...well, the list goes on and on. I loved Twinkies!

When I saw the ad that they had come out with a CHOCOLATE version, I nearly fell over myself getting to the store!

I have to say, it was the most disappointing experience I have had in a very long time.

The cake is gummy and flat tasting.
The filling bland is barely what I would call "choclate flavored".
(I guess the "Artificially Flavored" on the front of the box
SHOULD have tipped me off.)

When my grandson tasted one and said it wasn't good, I immediately questioned him. "What do you mean it's no good?  It's a Twinkie!"

I broke my promise to cut back on treats and grabbed one from the box. I took one bite, and thought, "OMG, what is this nasty, gummy cake-like product they are trying to pass off as a Hostess Twinkie?"

Yep, I rarely voice how I feel about a food product, but in this case, I couldn't hold back. And, in case you think it's just me and that I have a very stange 7 year old grandson, my husband, who will normally eat mediocre things and think they're wonderful, even said they were pretty nasty and that he would not choose to have another.

So, my ranting being over for now, I just wanted to give a head's up to all of you out there who flinched just a bit upon hearing the words "chocolate Twinkie" that they not the Twinkie of old.  At $4.29 a box, save your money!  I had a coupon and am still sorry I purchased them!
And if you DO get them, and feel the same way I did, do us all a favor and write to the company. They need to know that the consumers aren't THAT gullible or that it's not that easy to pass off horrible products. (and, please, send me a message, too!)

If you're going to get the calories,
do yourself a favor and have a Ding-Dong!

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Amie said...

Aww that's too bad! (and highly amusing that you have such a strong opinion on it!) Thanks for the tip. Sounded like a great idea. On a side note, I tried Taco Bell's new Taco where the taco shell is made of Doritos? FABULOUS. Why has no one thought of that one before?