Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolution


I feel that having posted this on my blog, I will feel much more inclined and responsible to carry out my 2012 plans for my scrap space.
This is an especially long post for me, and I thank anyone who makes it through the entire thing!

I am very fortunate to have a large area (well, actually 3 areas) in which to extend my passion and express myself.

My main space is my Scrap Room (AKA, the upstairs den)
It gets a lot of natural light during the day, and we installed an overhead ceiling fan/light fixture with great bulbs for evening work.  As you can see, I decided to hang most of my cards that have NOT been mailed out, on twine that hangs from one corner to the other. I found that if I SEE the cards on regular basis, I am more inclined to send them to people as hear someone is sick, or has a birthday, or just because....  I'm going to need more twine! (lol)  The storage cubes from Michael's holds all of my papers and a lot of my company stamps. Love those little drawers!  Oh yes, and I have a little TV in the corner for those evenings I can't miss CSI, or the Mentalist!
This space also has my computer (desk is IKEA), printer, and scanner tucked in the corner. I've found that the pegboard is pretty useless for what I need. It's slated to be removed.  The wipe-off board is priceless!  If I didn't write all my bill-pay  and DT deadlines on that, I would be lost! 
The last wall in my room holds my IKEA Expedit unit.  The boxes and spaces have been labeled and re-arranged so many times, but it holds all of my little embellishments, Copics, paints, and Xyron adhesive machines. (Which I will admit, I do not use as often as I should)
Note the corner paper storage rack...
I bought that at the Bazzill sale several years ago for $40!!!
I think "someone" needs to go back for another!
My table is a 6 foot antique library table that came out of St. Genevieve, Missouri, a long time ago. It has seen many dining rooms along the way, but has finally found it's way into my scrap space.  The top is always cluttered and messy, but I truly know what's on there! And since I've kept my sewing machine out, I use it!

Now I know you're saying, "Where's her Cricut and Cuttlebug kept? "  Well, what does a person really use a "master retreat" for anyway?  In our house, it houses the TV at one end for watching our shows at night (yes, we are one of those couples who watches tv in the bedroom!  Shame, oh shame...) and the treadmill.  On the opposite wall, I have the walnut storage that is from a large local grocery store chain that sells about everything (Fry's Marketplace)  The white bookcases hold all of my back issues of scrapbook/card making magazines from the last 4-5 years. I keep them arranged by month so that I can pull 10-12 issues from a particular month at a time.  Where the photographs are on the wall will be some shelves I just purchased and need to paint. They will hold the many jars of Prima flowers that a friend (Thanks, Jenn) just recycled to me!  If I see them out, I will use them more!
Last, but probably most important, is my little niche in my master bath that I refer to as my "Photo Studio"!  It is tucked under the window at the far end of the bathroom where I get tons of natural light, and what would I use that counter top for anyway?  I hear many bloggers asking about taking their pictures and needing a space.  This works perfectly for me. As long as the sun is shining (and in Arizona, that's most of the time) I can usually get a fairly good photo of a card.  For me, layouts work better outside, laying flat on a posterboard, in the light.  You can see I have black cardstock ready for a dark background, if needed.  And props come from all over our home.  I have "borrowed" western/cowboy items from my husband's den, and Southwest decor from the loft. I've even nabbed Tuscan decor from downstairs! 

If you haved made it this far, you have a very good idea of where I spend much of my day. (well, when I'm not doing housework or cooking, Larry!)  I'm very lucky to have the time and space these days to play. 

My New Year's resolution is to get better organized and to learn to sit back and appreciate what I DO have. Many changes have happened over the last 2 years, but we are in a better place than some and looking forward to retirement. It may not look as great as it did 5 years ago, but we'll figure it out.  And for now, these rooms are my refuge and I am glad to have friends both in my daily life and online, my health, and my very understanding and enabling husband.

Happy 2012 to everyone! 


Denise and Louise said...

Oh my...what a lucky lady to have so much beautiful craft space. Love how you have hung the cards around the room - must try that!!!
Denise xx

Naomi said...

Oh, WOW, you really DO have A LOT of room to play! Your craft room looks great! I too, am working on organizing my craft room and getting it to be more user friendly and a more creative environment. Just bought a second white glass top Ikea Torsby table (33 1/2"x70 3/8") for my craft room....I had been using one of those resin folding tables (72"x30") until earlier this month when I got my first Ikea Torsby table for 20% off (part of my Christmas gift this year) and was planning to buy a second but, on Boxing Day, I just found the same table on Craigslist for half the price and no tax, saved myself $155, WOOHOO! Now, I just have to clear out the cabinets and armoire that are in the way and have the man move them downstairs...I'll try to post some pics when I'm done!
Anyway, good luck with your new year's resolution!
Wishing you all the best in 2012!

Marcy said...

GREAT room! I also have those white drawer 'em, too! I always try to get organized. Somehow, it never happens for me.
I hope you have a wonderfully happy and healthy new year! Hugs, Marcy

Amie said...

What a great scrappy space(s) you have!! :) I'm so happy you posted this . LOLs to the Photo Area!

~amy~ said...

oh my goodness...what a terrific space you have!!!

Pauline said...

Wow, what a fabulous crafting space! I'm a teeny bit jealous lol! I currently craft in my dining room, during the week we eat at the kitchen table, so every weekend I have to clear all my stuff away so we can eat in the dining room altogether. By that point of course, I have made an almighty mess! Your craft room has given me some great ideas re storage, and I think I may start nagging hubby for a small garage conversion!

Happy new year!

Annette said...

what a fun craft room...Thanks for sharing...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment.. :)

Pauline said...

Oh my stars, Jan... what a piece of heaven this craft space is! I can't wait until my room looks like this... I'm in boxes! Thanks for sharing it, awesome!
hugs and blessings,

JOAN said...

OMG Jan!! You are blessed with a studio like that ;) Love the colors!!

Rita Barakat said...

This is awesome what time do you want me to come over and play! LOL!!!

Rita Barakat said...

This is awesome what time do you want me to come over and play! LOL!!!