Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week we have TWO flashback challenges! I love this because it forces you to go back through all of those good and BAD projects that you've created over the past, and take a really honest look at them. I resisted the temptation to delete a few because of challenges like this one at Flashback Fridays blog site to post your FIRST gift card holder.

Had it not been for keeping this photo of a gift card holder that I was not thrilled with, I would have had no entry at all!   I don't send many gift cards, so the need simply isn't there. 
I DID, on this occasion however, have no idea what to get this friend and his wife for his birthday, so this was the solution. Not one of my "prettiest" cards, but it got the job done.   I made this back in February of this year.  I haven't been cardmaking all that long, so my collection isn't very extensive!  I see these gals who have been at it for 20 years and admire their talent and persistance!

The second "flashback  challenge" is at Moving Along With the Times.
They ask that you choose a project from the past that means something to YOU. Maybe your favorite, or the first, or just one that you especially recall
making for whatever reason.
I chose my New Year's Resolution calender.

This, I have always said, was my most prized project! I put this together back in December of 2009, and it took me the better part of a weekend to assemble the Kaisercraft shadow box.  The fun part was deciding on my theme and decorating it! Everyone had done the Christmas Advent thing, so I wanted to be different.

I really wanted it to reflect how I felt about some changes that were going on, or about to go on, in my life. We were moving out of my dream house that I had spent several years decorating and making it perfect, I was not working, and I had started on hormone therapy (I know, too much information! LOL!)  Let's just say that I had no idea, really, what direction things were going. But I had grand plans.
Things have gone well. We are very happy and my health has improved in some areas. Still working on others.... getting old ... well, just leave it to say, sucks.

So, these are my flashback moments. Both positive and not. But they caused me to pause, which is what these things are designed to do.
Thanks to "Moving Along" and "Flashback Fridays" for encouraging us to do so.


Lawren said...

AAWWW, I love your gift card. Very cute. Thank you for joining Flashback Friday.

Your other project is gorgeous.

~amy~ said...

I think your gift card holder is adorable!!! I love your choice of colors too!! Your advent calendar is WOW!!!!!!

Lisa Jane said...

oh what fabulous projects . I absolutely love the new years resolution calendar .. a beautiful piece of art , and a great idea .your Glad your year is going well and thank you for embracing my flashback challenge at MAWTT this week
Lisa x

Pami said...

Jan these are just fabulous! I absolutely love your calendar and the story behind it, it must be really special to you. Thank you so much for joining in the fun at MAWTT this week, good luck! Pami x

Debs said...

Oh Jan this New Year's Resolution calendar is just stunning! So unique - and so meaningful.
Thanks for playing along with us at MAWTT this week.
Good luck.
Debs xx

Craftilicious said...

Fab resolutions project - congrats on the win with it :-)