Friday, August 26, 2011

Check this guy out!

I just stumbled upon Drew's blog today, and if you haven't seen what this young man is up to, you need to!
He has created a business out of his love and admiration for the Cricut machine and all things scrappy!  He has an Etsy shop (well, two actually) and stays on top of what's hot in the scrapbook world!  His projects are amazing, and puts some of us (I'm talking about me, you know) to shame with his knowledge and creativity!
On top of that, he's generous!  He is having a blog candy giveaway to celebrate his getting over 1,000 followers!  1,ooo!  I was thrilled when I hit 50 last month! He's on several Design Teams and has started a blog for Kids & Teenagers.  Ok, so I am going on a bit.  But, come on...this kid's got what it takes to be a huge success in the business world!  So check out his blog.  Enter for the candy, and maybe buy a kit or two to help finance his way to Paris for a school trip.  Since I've got more time than money right now, I figured I could best help by passing the word along!
Wouldn't it be great if all of our youth were spending their time doing things like this?
Way to go, Drew!

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~amy~ said...

Thanks sooo much for posting this...sheesh, have I been living under a rock? The young man have over 1200 followers...I think it is pretty spectacular that he is following his passion!