Friday, June 3, 2011

All-Time Faves!

I was asked recently to pick out some of my favorite scrapbook layouts I've done over the last year.  Wow, that covers a whole lotta pages! But going through them really had me recalling good times and fun days!  And since I usually only post cards I make on this blog, I thought it would be nice to share some of my layouts.

Some of the pages I chose because the subject, time, or place was very special. Others because the layouts themselves just seemed special to me, whether due to the photo or the techniques I used. For whatever the reason, these are the ones that I picked. 
        Please enjoy, or bare with me,
                         on my trip down
                         Memory Lane!

Journaling pocket showing....

And one of my two-pagers:
 This has "noodles" made out of rolled/baked Fimo Clay!

And I DO use more than one photo on many of my layouts!
I just have no fear of using my large prints,
sometimes as big as trimmed down 11 X 14's!

Note the real shoelace threaded onto this page! Fun!

Ok, this was just the best photo EVER!  LOL!

In case you noticed a common theme here, Yes, that's my grandson, Hayden.

I have since realized that there do exist other things in
life to scrap about! 
But he's still my favorite thing!

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Amie said...

aww sweet! I love the Reflection one! :) Thanks for sharing.