Monday, January 31, 2011

Should'a been scrappin'!

I don't post things from my daily life because, quite frankly, nothing too exciting ever happens. But I couldn't help sharing this little tidbit of knowledge I gained today.
I decided that pizza crust CAN'T be that hard to make yourself....I 've made rolls and breads for years and enjoyed the freshbaked goodies. So, when I decided to roll out some pizza dough for the first time, it seemed easy enough. 
The dough recipe was one off the internet...a simple, thin crust. Just like I grew up with in St. Louis. Cracker crunch, topped with smoked gouda, arugula, and proscuitto! 
It felt bad from the start.  The dough was sticky and had no stretch. The texture was not what I expected. I had a difficult time even getting it to the size I did.
Long story short, I decided to make a "test pizza" earlier this afternoon. And for toppings, why waste the good stuff?   Just sauce, mozzarella and a bit of basil.
Fifteen minutes later, this is the mess that came out!  Yuck!  I couldn't even muster the courage to give it to our outside dog!  I tasted the crust (yes, I am THAT brave) and it was awful!  Thank goodness I had a Plan B!
Whatever your favorite pizza place charges for a pie, PAY IT!  I am more appreciative of Papa Murphy's than ever before! 
Just wish I would have spent that hour scrapbooking!


Rhonda V. said...

Your post makes me giggle! I think you ought to scrap that picture and the title "Shoulda been scrappin!". : )

Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my little owl card! I'm so glad you like him!!!

Hoping you scrap something hilarious out of your pizza adventures!

Jan Garber said...

Unfortunatley, It's a memory I'd rather put behind me! Haha! But there probably IS some cool paper out there that would work...hmmm...

just lisa said...

Okay, this made me laugh too!! I was thinking you were gonna taste it and it was delish...I guess not! LOL

Sometimes I buy the pizza dough from our bakery at really is good! I am orginially from NY so I LOVE NY style pizza the best!!

Amie said...

LOL! I use those refrigerator rolls and smoosh them out to make the dough. OR bisquick. OR more often than not, we'll buy submarine rolls, slice them down the middle and make a bunch of hand-helds that way. OR on top of English muffins. YUM YUM GIVE ME SOME!