Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Card Challenges!

I am now addicted to card challenges!  I have been without internet all day, and it about drove me nuts! Turned out it was only a 7 year old ethernet router that was installed in this house 6 years ago! It finally crashed during the night!
Well, all is well again, so here are my two most recent cards.

The first is for Waltzing Mouse this week.   The sketch is simple and sweet. 

The second is for I(heart)To Stamp. I love this sketch and the blog!
Enough for one day!  I'm just thrilled to be back online! 

1 comment:

Savitri said...

Glad you're addicted to challenges :) Now, on the router, it's prob. good it broke cause now you can get a newer one, technology gets old fast :) Great cards!! Love both of them, very pretty!!!