Monday, August 16, 2010

57th Anniversary!!

Yep, my parents are celebrating 57 years of wedded bliss! Can you imagine? So what do you get for two people who don't go out to eat much, have no need of any type of clothing or household gadgets, and aren't at all interested in high-tech toys? I decided to make them a gift that would remind them everyday of how much they love each other.
It took very little time, which is a good thing since I'm going in ten different directions at once these days! The photo was a very small 4 x 5 that was poor quality. But with a little Photoshop tweeking, the 8 X 10 came out better than I thought. With a few dabs of Helmar's adhesive, and some silk flowers I had on hand, it made for a quick and easy (but thoughtful, I might add) gift. Some of the flowers are under the glass, and the rest on top. It is much more 3D than you can see in the pictures.