Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hobby Lobby Experience

Some of you may have heard that I had a slight "accident" at my local Hobby Lobby last week. I was reaching for a 12 X 12 paper pad and cut my pinky finger pretty badly on the glass divider between the products. I bled a fair amount and had to fill out an accident report. I also had to ice it down before it stopped bleeding. The response I got from the sales girl and the manager were not the BEST that I would expect. He was polite enough, but she hadn't a clue what to do under such circumstances. I had to ask her to bring paper towels to bleed onto, a bandage, eventually some ice to slow the bleeding, and antibiotic ointment. She DID offer me an empty box where she was doing inventory to keep from dripping blood on the floor. I walked myself across the entire store to rinse it under cold water initially to see what the situation was. Anyway, long story shorter, corporate office called me today (It happened last Friday. This is Wednesday) and seemed genuinely concerned. The gentleman was very nice and I assured him that the possibility of infection was past and that I was healing well. He is sending me a gift card and he promised to check on the safety problem of these glass dividers. So I wanted everyone to know that Hobby Lobby came through and seems to be attempting to better the situation at the store. I will be visiting them again soon, I'm sure.


Amie said...

Wow! And youch! Hope it's getting better! (but yay for the gift card)

jeannine said...

OMgosh, that is terrible! Glad your finger is better and that they came through for you!