Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spellbinder Storage

For those of you not familiar with the Cuttlebug, it is my new favorite toy! Yes, it's been out for years, but it was one more thing I didn't THINK I needed to add to my collection of gadgets necessary for scrapbooking! Well, my Spellbinders Nestabilities were stacking up as I added to that collection! Plus, they tend to be a bit fragile while traveling from crop to crop, or even room to room. This is an idea i read about online and love it! I can store two sets in each CD holder and tell at a glance what is inside! The dark strip is a cut piece of magnet vinyl I had purchsed for another project! Cost? Nothing! Everyone has a few of the thicker CD cases that they bought for computer storage or a few old CD's you just don't listen to anymore! I will use these CD's to cover and bind with my Zutter to make plastic cd books!

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Amie said...

what a great idea! Good job!